Derick Mocke

Derick’s beginnings

Derick Mocke was born on 1 September, 1943, in Orkney, a small gold mining town in South Africa.

Derick’s mother was a music teacher who ran a local music school and his father, a sign writer and artist. His childhood home was constantly overflowing with the sound of music as everyone in the family either played an instrument or sang. His sister, Veritia, was an exceptionally talented pianist and could be heard performing on radio when she was just thirteen years old. Derick would later join her as a drummer.

Aptitude for music

Derick’s music roots were founded on classical music, beginning with the first instrument he learnt to play: the violin. His natural talent and aptitude in the field of music was clearly evident, leading to his first professional performance at the age of fourteen. His love of all musical instruments triggered an interest in composing and arranging musical scores for orchestras, and he learnt to play the trumpet, clarinet, guitar, mouth-organ as well as an assortment of flute instruments.

His curiosity and drive to explore different aspects of music once saw him play a carpenters saw with a violin bow at a music teacher’s conference, which caused quite an uproar, as his audience had never seen or heard anything like it before.

Playing in concerts was the norm and during his time performing professionally in a dance band, Derick learnt the intricacies of different music genres. He played with leading artists while performing at major government venues and events.

career as a chemist

Although Derick had a keen interest in science and followed a career as a chemist, his mind and soul were in music, the arts and nature. He performed as a professional musician at night for many years while still continuing his scientific career.

Over the years, Derick gained extensive musical experience in producing, orchestrating and playing in live musical stage shows such as, “Joseph And The Technicolour Dream Coat.” He regularly played gospel music in Christian churches which he found exhilarating as he perceived that his music was a powerful medium which inspired worshipers.

Music in nature

Derick has a powerful connection with nature and as a boy, would spend his spare time camping and canoeing in the wilderness. He instinctively felt that nature and music were connected in some way and that the soul of nature could be expressed through sound.

Reflecting on his vast life experiences he realised that people were moved by his music, which lead him to combine the spiritual aspects of nature with sounds and music, so as to be an inspirational medium for people to enjoy and use to enrich their own lives.