Life Coaching

Your Blueprint For Success, 7 Step Prosperity Coaching Online or In Person

Spiritual Blueprint for Success is a results driven 7 Step prosperity coaching program to get you the results you want: QUICKLY

Your personal Life Coach, Laurinda, will guide you through a 7 session coaching program in person or online via video conference sessions.

  • Discover Your Why: Why are you here; What is your Life’s Purpose
  • Create a New Goal that Excites you
  • Learn How to Tap into Your Inner Resources
  • Apply the Universal Laws
  • Realise Your True Potential
  • Increase Your Self Worth and Self Esteem
  • Learn to View Your Obstacles as a Simple Vibration
  • Remove Obstacles by Working on Your Energy System
  • Change Limiting Beliefs by Accessing Your Subconscious Mind
  • Learn to Love and Accept Yourself

Take charge of living a fulfilling and meaningful life …


Spiritual Blueprint for Success

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Spiritual Blueprint for Success is a results driven, 7 Step prosperity coaching program to get you the results you want: QUICKLY

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When Angela started her own business, Angela Laidlaw Virtual Support Services, she was not sure if it was the correct path for her to follow. Over a period of 5 sessions, Laurinda supported Angela in clarifying her passion and purpose, setting goals, overcoming obstacles, reminding her of her strengths and capabilities and embedding permanent change. In the video Angela explains how she experienced results in as little as two weeks – not only in her business but also her personal life

When Kathryn signed up for the Premium Life Coaching Program, she had a good idea what her passions were but she was not sure if her business, Pretty Little Interiors, was going to bring her the prosperity she was looking for. Kathryn quickly accepted that her goal is well within her reach and although it will take a bit of time to get there, it certainly is achievable, one small step at a time.  In this video Kathryn explains how she now uses the Law of Attraction and positive thinking to manifest new things in her life.