Personal Growth Requires Sacrifice: The Perfect Metaphor

Posted by Laurinda Jones | June 2, 2010 | Personal Growth, Sacrifice

When we embark on personal growth, there will be times when we need to be willing to sacrifice a part of ourselves, however painful this sacrifice may be. I remember a time where I unknowingly caused a work colleague to feel inferior even though it was never my intention. I am just grateful that my colleague spoke up and showed me the error of my ways.

While my work colleague was away on annual leave, I, together with the rest of the team, made decisions concerning one of her roles at work. When she returned to work and was told of the changes, she was clearly upset. It was only during the staff meeting a week later that she openly expressed how our decision to change one of her tasks had made her feel as if she had not done her job to our satisfaction.

Being the sensitive person that I am, I apologised but still felt guilty for what I had done. My guilt remained and I had recurring nightmares where no-one at work wanted to be friends with me. “What goes around, comes around”, must have been repeatedly playing in my subconscious mind.

After yet another restless night, I lay in bed wondering how I could learn from this painful experience.

Personal Growth Requires Sacrifice: The Perfect Metaphor

An image of me stripping off a layer of dead skin with the words GROWTH appeared in my mind’s eye and reminded me of a lizard shedding its skin. I immediately understood the message. Just as a lizard has to painstakingly sacrifice its skin in order to grow; I too should be willing to sacrifice my pride, my way of thinking and my guilt if I want to grow and become a better person.

Sacrifice is never easy. So often we cling to a false blanket of security which we have acquired along life’s journey, only to discover that it no longer fits, or maybe never has.

Which part of your psychological-self have you outgrown and are willing to shed? Whatever it may be, always remember the metaphor of the lizard and this one word: GROWTH

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