Power of Sound

Power of Sound

Where Spirit and Science Connect

how sound shapes matter

Sound has the ability to form, organize and create all the basic fundamental shapes found throughout the known universe.

Interestingly, many people, both scientists and religious people alike, speak of sound as being the source energy that shaped our world into existence. Hindus believe that before creation began, there existed only a void, an emptiness. Then, the Divine, the All Encompassing Consciousness, took on the form of the first and original energy vibration, manifesting as the sound OM.

This closely resembles the creation story which is found in the first book of the bible, Genesis, where it is written that as the Spirit of God was hovering over a formless and empty void, He spoke creation into existence.

The following video is a great example of how different sound frequencies shape matter.

Where spirit and science connect

Those who study cymatics, the study of visible sound, have done research that points to the possibility that pure sound shaped life. Pure sound does not contain any musical harmonics; instead it is created by low frequency sounds, such as those created by a whistling wind. These pure sounds contain the all-important phi ratio which creates a sonic framework that organises and structures life.

When you look at all the elements that form part of our existence, the Phi proportion is there. It is the constant spiral dance of our universe which points to the secret of all creation; from the spiralling energy vortices such as quarks, to the spiralling atoms which form the basis of our DNA, to our bone structure and fingerprints. We see creation unfold in the spiral formations of wind and water currents, in fern fronds, shells, in sunflowers and even in the expanse of our very own galaxy.

“The Gift” is a pure tone that features the phi ratio, the blue print made by the universe, “God’s” fingerprint left behind.  This sound is rich with blessings and during your coaching sessions, Laurinda will share the amazing discovery with you.

Brainwave Technology

In 1839 Heinrich Dove discovered a method which he found could entrain the brain in altered states of consciousness, and his claims that this method could induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states, earned him great publicity.

This method is known as Binaural Beats and is achieved when two sound sources are applied separately, one to each ear, resulting in both brain hemispheres working simultaneously to become synchronised.

When both sides of the brain hemispheres work together, people report:

  • Deep states of meditation
  • The ability to think clearly
  • High creativity and problem solving skills
  • Major reduction in stress
  • Improved concentration and learning ability
  • Improved memory retention
  • Promoting natural healing
  • Ability to overcome past traumas
  • The ability to re-harmonise cells that have been imprinted with disruptive frequencies
  • Ability to become aware of the connection with “All”
  • Spiritual experiences such as telepathy and intuition